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If Crazy Had a Face

There’s enough truth in the Southern Poverty Law Center’s famous list of hate groups to hide one huge example of hate: the SPLC’s own. Look at how they treat views that everyone considered mainstream America just a couple decades ago — views that a majority of Americans still consider right and good.

Did you know that among the hate groups SPLC lists are these: the Family Research Council, Alliance Defending Freedom, the Liberty Counsel, the Ruth Institute, and the American Family Association? If you search its list for “family,” you find the group lists these conservative groups with groups like the National Socialist Movement and the Church of the National Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. Really?

That “Hate List” may be the highest-earning public relations trick in all non-profit fund-raising. The SPLC makes a killing from donors off it, while also trying to kill off a lot of legitimate conservative people and groups. The left loves the SPLC. The media loves it, too. But now, the SPLC is showing its true colors.

All that liberal love is going to be a lot harder now. Its internal hypocrisy was exposed in reports published this week — from the very sources that have loved the group and made it so influential (and rich). There are only a few remaining faults that everyone still regards as sin, and hypocrisy tops that list. Which explains why even The Los Angeles Times was willing to criticize the SPLC recently.

Despite the SPLC’s fraudulent “hate map” and “hate list” which includes Christian and pro-family organizations alongside the KKK and white supremacists, the following organizations have or continue to use the SPLC garbage – Google, YouTube, Vimeo, Amazon, Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook, and much more. Media parrot the annual “hate group” report issued by the SPLC without any critical analysis. All of these organizations and the media have contributed to the hypocritical SPLC machine.

“The SPLC is obsessed with fundraising,” said Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman Mat Staver. “The SPLC is even willing to risk innocent lives with its false and inflammatory ‘hate’ label in its relentless pursuit to raise hundreds of millions of dollars. An organization that claims to care about justice harasses women and discriminates against people of color inside the organization and demonizes others because the almighty dollar has become its god.

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