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Mother Nature is Racist

In the weeks since a multiracial group of Minnesota cops were arrested for killing George Floyd, America has learned all sorts of things about what caused the crime. It wasn’t just those cops’ fault, you see. It wasn’t just the responsibility of the city of Minneapolis or even the state of Minnesota.

As it turns out, every white person in the world is responsible for Floyd’s death. That’s why we now need to tear down any statue of any historical figure who was Caucasian, even the guy who signed the Emancipation Proclamation.

And we’re just getting started. Everything that white people enjoy is racist because they’re white people. That’s the narrative being spewed out daily by the mainstream media.

Even going to national parks is racist now, because most of the people who go to national parks are white, as a recent ABC News feature desperately attempts to portray.

Seriously. Here’s the main takeaway: It’s racist to go to national parks, even though you’re not keeping anybody else from going there. It’s “self-segregation,” even though the parks are open to anyone who wants to go. And if you’re a white person, it’s your fault if people of color don’t want to go to the parks, especially if you’ve never done anything to hurt anybody.

None of the people interviewed by ABC News can point to any specific instance of racism, which is what’s so nefarious about white people. There’s nothing more racist than not being a racist.

The message is clear: Mother Nature is a white supremacist.

A better explanation is that we have some white journalists here who are expected to file a story about racism, even if there is no racism.

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