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Shameless Wonders

To understand the shameless hypocrisy of liberal politicians, look no further than immigration. These pompous officials love to say that no one is above the law. Yet, when illegal immigrants cross our southern border in record numbers, liberal lawmakers conveniently ignore the rule of law they claim to cherish.

These “head in the sand” politicians refuse to fund a border wall, incorrectly call the border catastrophe a “manufactured crisis” and falsely refer to border detention centers as “concentration camps.” Meanwhile, Mexico is doing more to help with our immigration nightmare than is our House of Representatives, a liberally dominated chamber composed of way too many ne’er-do-wells.

Moreover, these “compassionate” liberals compound the problem by providing massive amounts of benefits to illegal aliens while forgetting that tax-paying American citizens are paying for all of this “free” stuff. At election time, hard-working voters should ignore these two-faced representatives and senators and choose candidates with the guts to enforce our immigration laws.

If the rule of law is so important to liberals, why do several mayors and governors support illegal sanctuary cities and states? Why don’t these elected officials cooperate with ICE, the federal agency that deports illegals who commit crimes on American soil? It’s time to prosecute all of these liberal leaders who ignore the law while maintaining that no one is above the law. It’s time to stop giving federal funds to these corrupt cities and states.

If liberal politicians care so much about illegal aliens, why didn’t they work with conservatives on a DACA bill that would have provided a rigorous path to citizenship for thousands of illegals living in America? Because they’d rather use immigration as a political weapon than solve the problem. The reality is that they hate President Trump more than they love America. It’s the epitome of hypocrisy.

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