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The Embrace of Lawlessness

Question: Why are cities with increasing crime, gun violence, rioting, and overall lawlessness rejecting help from the federal government?

In multiple cities across the United States, progressive cities are collectively deciding to destroy their communities. Leftist mayors are allowing lawless rioters to do whatever they want, while law-abiding citizens are stuck in their homes.

In Portland, Seattle, Chicago, New York, and other cities, the mayors actually seem to be siding with the rioters and telling police to stand down.

This is a slap in the face to peaceful, tax-paying citizens and a serious dereliction of duty on the part of local government officials. After all, the primary responsibility of government is the safety of its citizens. Fifteen Democratic mayors have signed a letter addressed to Trump administration officials demanding the removal of federal agents from their cities or the cessation of impending deployments. Many of these cities have become the epicenter of protests that have devolved into riots, anarchy, looting, vandalism, and cowardly attacks on law enforcement. 

The letter charges, “federal law enforcement is being deployed for political purposes.”

Actually, the White House (and much of the country) is simply exhausted and disgusted by seeing progressive politicians so beholden to their leftist political constituencies that they dare not call out those causing the mayhem. They also dare not express support for their demonized police agencies. But what these mayors do have the intestinal fortitude for are worthless gestures calling out the president for attempting to restore law and order in cities under siege.

Here’s a tweet from clueless Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler: “Nothing can justify this intervention. The President's actions are unconstitutional.” 

If they are successful in turning away federal help, more and more criminals will relocate to their cities, including illegal alien gangs, turning parts of their towns in mini-war zones like Chicago’s Southside.

Things have to change. And no, Joe Biden is not the answer.

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